Home Electronics Nikon D5100 - First Impressions


nikond5100_11404xx320hwNikon’s introduction of the new D5100 places a new standard for consumer DSLR cameras. While previous models have been stripped down versions of their prosumer counterparts, the D5100 boasts some incredible features that will surely make other cameras jealous.  With the same 16mp sensor from the D7000, photographic results are sure to be stunning. The sensor has already lead to great reviews with stunning low light performance from a consumer DSLR. New to the D5100 is a 3” articulating screen with 920k-dot resolution, new video resolutions and frame rates, stereo mic input, 11 point auto focus with 3d and live view tracking, and all in a lighter thinner body. These specs are impressive for sure. 

For years Canon has led the DLSR Video fight, led by full 1080p at 30fps, articulating screens, and stereo mic inputs. With the recent introduction of the 60D and the T3i, Canon has continued this path by bringing its high end video & features to its less expensive models. Yet even with these latest additions, Canon has yet to improve autofocus or contribute anything further to the video market. But the new D5100 puts Canon to shame by matching Canon’s video features, while implementing a new live autofocus system. Previous live auto focus systems were still a little sluggish for practical use but still offered better results than Canon models. 


With a $799 (body only) price tag, the Nikon model edges just under the Canon T3i to further win the competition. Nikon has also introduced the ME-1 external microphone placing an emphasis on the video aspects of this camera. Nikon is finally ready to take on Canon in the video realm as well.